Pop the Red Balloon

Pop the Red Balloon is a customizable game to help develop fine motor skills. It allows the user to setup a game with a variable quantity, size, and variety of alternate colors of balloons, progressively increasing the complexity involved. You can also change the background image to one of 4 styles or just flat white or black to ease object recognition. Finally, player clicks are tracked to show the % of correct presses at the end of a session.

Simple – Defaults to 1 large balloon in the center of the screen.
Moving – Starts with 4 moving red balloons.
Open – Screen full of stationary balloons, pop them all!
Challenge – You have 30 seconds to pop as many moving red balloons as you can, try not to hit the other colors or you will lose points and accuracy.

No in-app purchases or ads.

Designed to work best on larger screens where there is more room to click, but it will scale to fit almost any device.
Free and Paid Versions on Google Play 
Android app on Google Play

Free and Paid Versions on the iPad and iPhone App Store 
iTunes App Store

Paid Version on Amazon Apps Store 
Android app on Amazon

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