It’s Alive!

4 months or 4 years depending how you look at it, but either way my first app just went live this week on Google Play and the Amazon AppStore and I couldn’t be more excited and nervous about it. (For all you iOS folks, it is coming very soon, once they shut up and take my developer fee.)

First things first, big thank you to Jessica for the inspiration and showing me some of the crazy things that others charge for on the iTunes store. Also huge thanks to Sarah who did all the artwork, that’s her company logo on the left when you load the game. Having her help not only made it turn out so well in the end, but working with her fairly early and getting those graphics into the game as I was developing it was a huge motivation boost.

So what is it? Well it’s not the space trading game I worked on in my Master’s program, that’ll be the next project. This was something completely new, something I knew I could finish in a reasonable amount of time and not get too bogged down in level design, balance, or something like that.

The game is called Pop the Red Balloon, it is a customizable game to help develop motor skills. What does that mean? It is hard to describe with just words, but it begins with just one large, non-moving balloon in the center of the screen, very basic, very simple. From there, you can customize it, add more balloons, make them smaller, add a variety of colors, and make them move. The final mode is a challenge where the screen is full of moving balloons, you have to hit the red ones as accurately as possible to get the most points.

Technically there’s 2 versions, the full version I just described will be a paid app because it is rather specialized (and because wouldn’t mind recouping some the developer costs). However, since the challenge game portion can also target a much broader audience, I’m making a version with only that, free with ads. Who knows if the ads will actually bring in much revenue, but it was a very good learning experience to see how that system works.

I’m very excited to have reached this milestone and I’m looking forward to the next in a line of projects I’ve been pondering for many years. Stay tuned for many more details to come.


Free and Paid Versions on Google Play 
Android app on Google Play

Free and Paid Versions on the iPad and iPhone App Store
iTunes App Store

Paid Version on Amazon Apps Store 
Android app on Amazon

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