The Game Begins

Technically, I have had game ideas floating around in my head for over a decade, it was only recently though that I decided to really move forward with them. Over the years I have prototyped various mechanics (and I even managed to save the code), though the furthest I ever got though was a solar system simulator with a little ship you could fly around.

My first "game" in Dark Basic Pro, circa 2007.
My first “game” in Dark Basic Pro, circa 2007.

During my Master’s degree I spent a large amount of time developing a game for my capstone project. It was an online space trading game, hosted in Azure so that all the planet economies could be connected with every player having an effect on the prices. My original goal was to publish this soon after graduating, however after I did, I took a step back to evaluate the game. I realized then I was not completely happy with it because really it was just a component of the game I really wanted to make (oddly, so was the solar system simulation I dug up from so many years ago). I decided I needed to take a break and work on something else, something I could get done within the year so that I could finally have something published.

I have been working with a friend on a new project, not a full game exactly, but I should have more details to share soon. I hoping this site will be my extra bit of motivation, a place where I can share updates and ideas when I need a break. Stay tuned, there should be a lot more to come this year.

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