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About Stargazer Game Studio

Hello, my name is Anthony, I created Stargazer Game Studio to continue on the work I started in my graduate degree at the University of Washington. I have always tinkered with game development in my spare time and decided to take it a step further.

Chances are I probably met you at PAX or Google IO, but if you found your way here from elsewhere, welcome, please check out the updates on my current projects and feel free to comment or ask questions. I enjoy talking about games almost as much as playing or creating them and I am more than happy to have meaningful discussions about them.



First Android, then Windows Phone and Windows 8 tablets, and now iOS. While my coding experience has mostly been with 3rd party game engines, I’ve been learning about the capabilities of all 3 of these platforms and how to distribute through each of their app stores.


Games have been my passion for nearly 25 years, ever since I first got my hands on SimCity as a kid. With my graduate degree I have been inspired to continue working on some of my own game designs that I have started over the years. Looking forward to diving into Unity next.


My career has primarily focused on data analysis and testing, as well as building tools to help with those processes. Being able to interpret, reduce, and present this information has been a valuable experience which I intend to use with my future endeavors.


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